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 Project Title: Waveshift
CEC Project No: FP6 016927
CEC Contract No: COOP-CT-2005-016927

The Development of a Novel Integrated Super High Frequency (SHF) Non Contact Detector Unit For Mobility Detection And Speed Measurement

 Start Date: 1st September 05, End Date: 31st August 07 

 False intruder alarm activations waste €3.3 billion p.a. and are normally caused by motion detectors. These are the direct costs to police and 3,200 SME crime prevention companies, with additional costs and distress to property owners (domestic and commercial).  The 5 million European SME retailers are one of the most vulnerable groups to these false alarms.  There is therefore an urgent need to improve the performance of the motion detectors to reduce this failure level. With price a main buying driver, performance improvement at the same cost is critical. This will directly increase crime prevention efficiency, impacting on over 2 million p.a. burglaries in Europe. To improve performance quality, it is necessary for improved, more reliable and cost effective sensors.

 The objective of the WaveShift® project is to create a microwave Doppler phenomenon based detector unit operating in K-Band that will allow for detection of motion through measurement of speed of a moving object as well as movement direction sensing. The developed unit will be validated by testing against the requirements of key applications in security and building automation systems. As the detection unit is developed, the frequency harmonisation requirements will be addressed and the number of potential applications will be increased. 


What's  New

  • First prototype tested - December 14 2006
  • Month 24 meeting - August 30 2007

Key Milestones

  • 1st September 05 - Project Start Date
  • 31st August 07 - Project Completion Date
  • more ...

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